fabrica-acoe-aerograficos-feju-spray-gunsAerográficos FEJU is a family business focused in personalized service to our clients.

Although we are a young company (our brand ACOE was trade marked in 1999) our founder Mr. Felipe Pascual Arnaiz has worked in this sector for more than 40 years, designing and manufacturing spray guns and other painting equipments.

Based in our know-how and making important investments in cutting-edge technology, we manufacture the whole painting gun that we consider a reliable high quality product.

We produce a wide range of painting equipments: gravity, suction and pressure spray guns, air-mix and airless, made for professional works in car body painting, decoration and industry sectors: ship building, metal, plastics, furniture industry, ceramics,…

We use the best materials in the manufacturing process always focused in a good tool that responds perfectly to the professional needs. In this point we test every single item individually before going retail.

All our spray guns are characterized by three key aspects:

  • Robustness.
  • Easy use and easy maintenance.
  • Excellent finishing with a smooth atomization and homogeneous fan.

As much committed to the manufacturing we are to the commercialization. Thus we have a strong commercial network formed by 13 agents in Spain that act as consultant in technical and commercial issues.

In the same way we are setting up an international commercial network having already clients in France, Poland, United Kingdom, Chile and Argentina.

In order to diversify our field of activity, we commercialize related products with outstanding quality:

  • Pressure tanks for industry sector and decoration sector: stipple-finish,…
  • Filtering equipments for compressed air systems.
  • Respiratory protection equipments.
  • Hoses, racors, adaptors and pneumatic quick connectors.